Investing in the food industry: companies to watch

No matter what happens, people will always need food in order to survive. This is why food industry is in a constant state of growth. It is also the reason why you can almost never go wrong when investing in it. Pretty much the only thing you need to do to ensure your investment flourishes is pick the right company. And what follows is a list of four brands that won’t disappoint you.

Kraft Heinz

When it comes to food and beverage companies, you can hardly go bigger than Kraft Heinz. It is the fifth largest brand in the whole world, and the third in North America. They provide their consumers with high-quality products that can be found both in stores and restaurants. Among other things, they manufacture sauces, dairy products, desserts, salted snacks and coffee. Their brands include Philadelphia, Jell-O, Bagel Bites and Heinz.


Kellogg’s is a company best known for its cereal. But they manufacture a lot more than that, including fruit leather, soy products and crackers as well. You have probably heard about some of their other brands, such as Fruit Loops, Twistables, Apple Jacks, Crunchmania and Go-Tarts. Their products are marketed in over 18 different countries, and the company is a multinational with subsidiaries in 18 places all over the world.

Hormel Foods

This company has been in the business of manufacturing food since 1891, which makes it the oldest on this list. During time it managed to become one of the largest enterprises in the whole world. Nowadays they are best known for the production of meat and poultry, oils, canned food and frozen dishes. Among the brands associated with it, there are Country Crock, Dona Maria, House of Tsang, Quick Meal and Patak’s.

Giovanni Rana

This is the only brand on the list that doesn’t have a multinational company at its back. Nevertheless, it is one worth mentioning. Pastificio Rana, today headed by Gianluca Rana, manufactures a variety of pasta products, including but not limited to tortellini, ravioli and tagliatelle. They also make a wide range of delicious sauces. What makes this company worth considering is its reputation of a brand that successfully provides people with the taste of home and the ability to expand in foreign market (US, thanks to the ability as a manager of Gian Luca Rana).