5 Hot Companies On The Markets: Autumn 2017

The autumn of 2017 will see many new developments and returns on the stock markets: so much interest and anticipation is mainly focused on five companies that have been generating rumours and stories for months.

Founded in New York in 2012, Blue Apron grown really well and has raised more than $193 million thanks to Bessemer Venture Partners, Fidelity Investments and Stripes Group. The Initial Public Offering will be done this autumn, led by City, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley

Even the italian company Valentino will be floated on the Stock Exchange, with an IPO initially scheduled in September, now in 2018: which has Rotshchild acting as an advisor: EBITDA and operating profits have been rising sharply since 2015, and based on the success of the famous high fashion-house, comes its decision to debut at Piazza Affari. Valentino will probably pave the way for other luxury companies such as Furla and Versace.

The engines are warming up for another italian company, Pirelli, who, after two years of absence, is ready for a great return. The offer will cover 30% of its capital, which ChemChina has made available by lowering its stake from 65% to 50%. Revenue growth (driven by the widespread popularisation of the Pirelli brand on the most popular Social Networks) is driven by the luxury Premium segment, which raises expectations for a boom on the financial market. Pirelli IPOaccording to CNBS as well will be one of the great surprises of this 2017; to know more please read Pirelli to overtake AIB with largest European IPO this year and Pirelli to decide on IPO terms based on prospectus.

An important IPO will be Dropbox, the file-sharing company. Recently, its CEO and founder Drew Houston has confirmed that he is planning to make his company public. With over 500 million registered worldwide users, and 200,000 companies, the company has annual earnings of around $ 1 billion. Dropbox’s largest competitor, Box, was listed in 2015. Shares have risen by more than 30% this year and are at a much higher level than the IPO ($ 14).

Autumn is full of new entries also on Wall Street, where the Airbnb IPO should debut. We’ve been talking about the famous portal for at least two years, but country-to-country regulations have pushed back stock market listings so far. The home rental startup is worth more than $ 30 billion today, and is ready to invade the markets with its aggressive sharing economy.